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Advstock Inventories

AdvStock Inventories is an established leader in delivering premium and innovative stocktaking solutions and technologies of the highest quality. We specialise in providing self-service stocktaking systems to the retail, wholesale, manufacturing and hospitality industries across Australia.

What We Do

By using the latest cutting-edge technology, we help you design and implement a custom set of stocktaking solutions that optimises how your business operates. Our solutions are user-friendly and flexible so you only use the elements that best suit your needs, including our Barcode Inventory System.

Our Self Service Inventory System is cloud-based providing a dashboard that gives your team easy access to critical information and reporting. We have integrated our software with our iPhone and Android Apps so you can easily leverage your own resources from anywhere.

Unlike other inventory tracking systems, our software offers a mix of integrated hardware options (Handheld Scanners, iPhone and Android Apps and Pocket Scanners) that support our Self Service Stocktake Software.

Who We Are

Since 1982 our company has developed an unrivalled reputation for stocktake accuracy and premium service standards. We support and nurture our clients so they can be self-sufficient in executing their unique stocktaking projects while confidently evolving with the ever-changing technology landscape.

Unlock the potential of self service stocktaking and discover how our innovative solutions can optimise your business vision and goals. Simply complete our online form to request an appointment with our team today.

Leveraging Today's Technology

Fast Efficient Service

If you're looking for dynamic, responsive and efficient stocktake reporting services without the expense of external resources, then our cloud-based stocktake solutions are your answer. Simply install our iPhone or Android App to reduce costs and start counting today! Our Dashboard will capture data in real-time giving you visibility of results and reporting as the stocktake happens.

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DIY Stocktake Solutions

Take advantage of our premium cloud-based stocktaking software that is so user-friendly you can begin stocktaking today. Simply register now, upload your data and start counting! Our real-time reporting engine provides instant data and captures all the relevant detail neede for results to be uploaded into your inventory management systems (eg. POS or ERP) via CSV files.

Our free online apps easily integrate to our DIY solutions.

Click here to view our step-by-step instructions on how to use our web application