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Stocktaking is a task that has traditionally required external resources. Advanced Stocktaking Services provides self-service stocktake software so that you can develop a self-service inventory system that best meets all of the needs of your particular industry.

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We provide stocktaking software that empowers you to accomplish all of the stocktaking services necessary to efficiently operate. Our focus is to help you simplify stocktaking so that you can do all of the inventory yourself.

Our self-service stocktake software and self-service inventory system work to bring you all the reports that you need, including:

  • Stocktake summary
  • Detail level reporting
  • Department/sub-department reporting
  • Variance reporting
  • Location-based reporting
  • Spot-checking reporting

We recognize that a range of reports are essential for your business to operate fully. With the proper reports, you can increase your effectiveness and understand how to use your inventory to its fullest potential.

Our stocktaking software has been used in a variety of industries, including:

  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality

We have designed our software to be flexible so that, whatever your industry is, we can help you keep track of your inventory with a range of reports. Our team works closely with you to incorporate our self-service software and services into your regular business practices. The incorporation of our software streamlines your stocktaking services.

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Since 1982, Advanced Stocktaking Services has worked with a variety of industries to help them solve their stocktaking questions. We use our decades of experience to develop and implement cutting-edge technologies and stocktaking software that meet the particular needs of your industry.

All of our services are built around cloud-based systems so that you can implement our self-service inventory systems and have easy access to the reports and other information. Our cloud-based systems are accessible with our dashboard via a desktop or mobile device.

Come to Advanced Stocktaking Services for professional stocktaking software. Complete our online form to request a booking or call (02) 9773 1944 with any questions.