Inventory Management and Tracking Apps

Benefits of our Inventory Management Apps

After identifying a gap in the market for a self-service stocktaking offering, the team at AdvStock Inventories designed a cutting-edge, user-friendly DIY solution - stocktaking apps!

We offer two inventory management apps, one for iPhone and one for Android, both featuring the same functionality. Our stocktaking apps give a business the unique opportunity of not having to rely on purchasing dedicated laser barcode scanners with the added benefit of using their own staff to physically conduct the stocktake.

Along with the purchase of an AdvStock Stocktake Package, our inventory tracking apps allow businesses to use their own phones to scan stock, record a quantity and upload the count data to our website Inventory Management System for reporting purposes.

Having regular and detailed insight into your stock is critical to success and the key is having strong inventory management practices in place. This is where AdvStock's stocktaking apps comes in!

Our inventory management apps are a more affordable alternative to the handheld scanner (which also have incredible benefits mind you!) and are suitable for all business types as the technology simply and accurately captures any item code/barcode and its quantity. There's also the added feature of recording an item’s location if you wish to report by item location within your store or business.

Both stocktaking apps are titled “AdvStock” and are free to download on Apple's App Store and Google Play Store. The Apps don’t operate as a standalone stocktake solution, they integrate only with AdvStock's Barcode Inventory System.

Having strong inventory management practices in place means a business will:

AdvStock’s revolutionary app technology means a business can carry out its stocktake projects whenever and as frequently as needed with the ease of using their own mobile phone devices as the data capture device (scanner).

Simply put, our inventory management apps count the stock while the web-based Barcode Management System generates all the high-end, extensive reporting! The two elements work in harmony with each other to create a seamless, highly accurate stocktake system.

Our inventory tracking apps and Inventory Management System are so user-friendly you can begin counting today!